Christmas Eve – a night of expectation!

Do you remember Christmas Eve when you were a kid?  Hard to go to bed because Santa Could Be Landing On The Roof!!

Today it’s Christmas Eve and I’m holding my breath for the New Year with the same sort of excitement I had for Christmas when I was a child…like a wonderful new blank book to write in, all clean and fresh!  This coming year holds all that, and more.

I’m hoping for a few things to come to pass – peace, yes, rest for the weary, giggles for the sad, and fulfilment for the empty.  And for me? More to learn, more to question, more fun!

Three things to look forward to for me:

  1. Getting my PhD interviewing done, so I can start to analyse the things people say and do when they live a full and rich life despite experiencing chronic pain.
  2. Developing a brand new CBT for pain management paper to teach through the University of Otago – ready for 2010, and open to health professionals who want to develop practical skills to help people with persistent pain live the life they want to live rather than the one they may be resigned to.  More details on this early in the New Year!
  3. Keeping the balance in my life with time out with my friends, music, dance, art, photography – all things creative!

So – wishing you all a wonderful time over Christmas and the New Year – I’ll be popping in and out every now and then, but not posting every day.  Keep a lookout – or subscribe using the RSS feed so you can keep up-to-date with what comes up – and in the meantime?  As one of my favourite sayings goes ‘One more job to do, and then it’s gin and tonic time!’


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