Friday Flippant Follies & Funnies

It must be Friday, I have alliterations tripping off my tongue!
Today’s line-up of divertisements include several photographs ‘donated’ via email from a work colleague who felt we really didn’t appreciate our jobs nearly enough… Thanks M, I believe I do agree that my work probably beats some of these… btw I’d love to credit these images – but I’m not entirely sure of their origin.

The only way these images are even vaguely connected with health is – they’d do damage to yours if you had to do them!!

Now if you’re like me, advertisements of yesteryear hold a certain fascination. I especially love the ads for beauty products and health products – some things don’t seem to change, and one of those is the use of celebrity endorsements, and another is an appeal to science. I’ve found a site full of these ads – head over to Satisfaction Guaranteed to take a look at adverts like this…

Ahh, that must be about it for today. I hope you have a really relaxing weekend, and come back refreshed for Monday, when I’ll be back with more bloggy bits for your reading pleasure.


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