Five frivolous Friday follies

Friday is a day to get ready to relax.  For your Friday frivolity, here are some things YOU can do to brighten up your day!

Spam Tales

Compose a tale made entirely of SPAM!

‘This is to inform you – what could be better than playing with the casino’s money?
In order to receive uninterrupted service I want you to assist in donating and distributing these funds to charity in your region on behalf of my humble self and my late husband.  I am Mrs. Marina Litvinenko, wife of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian security officer who died in a London hospital after apparently being poisoned with the highly-toxic metal thallium by Mr Lugovoi,a Russian Government Paid agent.
To restore access, please click on this link and sign in!’

Have you heard of googlism? Go here to find out – you type in your search term, and this wonderful page will list sometimes-meaningful facts about a person, place, or thing you type in, by looking at the pages Google finds under that search term. I typed in ‘Friday’ and this is what it gave me…

friday is a
friday is top surfing day
friday is deadline to submit nominations for los alamos medal
friday is geek appreciation day?
friday is move
friday is march 29
friday is farmer’s market day on broad street
friday is push
friday is dead
friday is home
friday is longest day this year

Write in archaic English! Without making amusing but appalling grammatical errors… For thou shalt utter speech of the ancients without incurring mine angst.

BTW, these three suggestions I got from here... Thanks Dan!

Are you in meetings on Friday? Want to have some way to remain awake?
You’ve heard of meeting bingo before, I’m sure, but here is a website that will create new and exciting bingo cards every time you need them! Before you play, decide what action you’ll take once you’ve got a whole row, column, or major diagonal. If at least 3 of the squares you use to win have been checked off twice each, then your co-workers have to buy you lunch. No cheating, you probably don’t need to.

And finally, having trouble keeping track of the TLA’s in your life? Head over to the acroymns dictionary that proclaims to have over 600,000 human-edited definitions. Apparently if you combine with Acronym Attic there are over 4 million abbreviations. Well I never…
Here are a few I hadn’t heard of…
ROTFBMALFO – Rolling on the Floor Because My Artificial Limbs Fell Off
IMHO – in my holy opinion (?)
AATK – always at the keyboard
JFGI – just freaking google it
AWGTHTGTTA – Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?

Oh, I lied. Can’t leave Friday without a lolcat…
more animals
Have a good one!

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