If you’re new to pain management: v

Neuroanatomy is full of names and details that can be quite difficult to learn. I found this site which has a great, albeit simplified, list of labelled images that you need to drag and drop names on as a way of learning them. Another site is Sylvius which has free images with voice-over – and you can purchase an ipod version to carry around with you. Would be a good option if you were needing to study on-the-fly!

It’s not so easy to find good, up-to-date material on functional neuroanatomy of pain that includes the brain. There are a couple of reasonable resources on peripheral mechanisms (see yesterday’s post), but as for those reviewing the role of the brain, well that’s not quite so easy to find. In fact, I’m still searching for something visual, interactive, and recent. The search goes on! So expect another post later today.
What I’m hoping to find is something that pulls together the most recent information on the neuromatrix, along with some good illustrations – at the moment it’s feeling a bit elusive!


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