Oh yes, it’s Friday Funnies and Trivia!

Sadly, I work with some seriously silly people.  One of them is rather creative with limericks. I cannot compete so here are a few of his (thanks A!)
There was a young woman, turned green,
Who complained of a pain in her spleen.
She said “no need to undress me,
Or even assess me,
Just give me a shot of morphine”.

There was an old man with a bus,
Who eventually came to see us.
He said ‘Please fix my back,
It went out with a crack,
It’s muscle not humunculus’.

There once was a young farmer’s son,
Who went to the park for some fun.
He fell from a tree
And up swelled his knee
All he got from his trip was CRPS I.

more animals

Have a great weekend!


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