Frivolous Friday Fun!

A bit of a mixed bag for Frivolous Friday today.

The first is a clip from YouTube about glowing green mice – why did it have to be green? What about pink or purple?

This next one is about the use of neurofeedback to help reorganise brain functioning to help reduce complex regional pain syndrome.  I’m curious about this, but haven’t read any peer-reviewed literature about it.  Might be worth a look – if it’s noninvasive, can be carried out independently of ongoing contact with a therapist, and helps the person increase function, then it probably gets my vote.

You’ll see on this clip that the patient gets several hours of pain reduction, but the effect diminishes over time and with repetition.  I’d love to see whether it’s possible for the patient to learn to do this without needing the feedback equipment – the aim of biofeedback training the way I do it is to help the person learn (1) that it’s possible to directly influence usually subconscious activity (2) that by doing this it has an effect on function and (3) that they can learn over time to do this without the external prop of the feedback equipment.

And now, if you have nothing better to do this weekend, you could develop the artistic skills of Tim Nobel and Sue Webster who create things out of junk.  Things like this…

Go here for the rest – they’re amazing!

And for a set of really humorous signs – you gotta go here…(a teaser below!) and here…

Have a great weekend!


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