A couple of interesting podcasts

If you haven’t ever listened to a podcast, maybe today’s post will be an eye-opener.  PainAwareness was set up during the month of September which is Pain Awareness month, but has extended beyond that.  While the content is a little limited at present, there is an interesting podcast about chronic pain (three, actually!).  While it has been sponsored by Ortho-McNeil-Janssen, the emphasis is on exercise and chronic pain.  People from the US will recognise the Olympian Nikki Stone who features on the podcast and experiences chronic pain herself.  This is a good mode for providing patients with a positive message about the usefulness (and safety) of exercise despite experiencing ongoing pain.

Also on the site is an audio podcast about psychological approaches to chronic pain (bearing in mind that psychological approaches are not entirely the domain of clinical psychologists – in chronic pain management, everyone in the interdisciplinary team needs to be conversant and able to use cognitive and behavioural approaches.  consistency is everything!); and there are also several pdf documents with patient information and a pain diary.

Another podcast I found today was one by Donna Strong, RN, who discusses Pain Management and Assessment.  Again this is an audio-only podcast, it lasts for about an hour, and provides some good information aimed primarily at nurses.

The University of New England Counselling Department has produced a number of student-oriented podcasts on topics such as stress management, studying, meditation – and pain management.  While I haven’t reviewed them all (there are quite a few!), the ones I did listen to were very helpful.  Worth a browse if you have some time to spare or need some ready-made resources for your clients.  They have also provided pdf documents on most of the topics to support the podcasts.

If you’re browsing YouTube you’ll notice some dreadful video clips – there are a whole lot of people who really want to let you know about their personal journey or battle with pain, and some rather flakey types with their own version of ‘healing’ for pain.  Watch before you recommend is all I’ll say!

Some time ago I mentioned University of Washington TV – they have a huge selection of video presentations on loads of topics, including Health+Medicine, so if you are rostered to do your team’s inservice, it could be useful to head over there for a video to watch!

Enough for today – what I do notice is the lack of material from areas other than North America.  To look at the content online you’d think the rest of the world didn’t exist!  Rest assured, this blog is Kiwi-made and hopefully represents an international viewpoint with a down-under flavour (including the occasional reference to cowpats, paua, and even gumboots.)


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