Fabulous, frivolous Friday!

It’s been a bit hectic actually, because I’ve been packing for my week away and going in to work, and taking my wonderful daughter out girlie shopping…Now just a few minutes to myself before being picked up and whisked away to magical Kaikoura.

I did some planning ahead and found this wonderful site for your edification…

I had no idea toilet paper had been around for so long…. but here is a site dedicated to ‘toilet paper curiosities’.  Again, I do the searching so you can die happy.

It reminds me of some of the medical history you can find – so that lead me off on a tangent, and I located this site. Earle Dickson invented the BandAid – well did YOU know that?  And it was invented in 1921.

This site has loads of information about medical history – and although I didn’t spend a lot of time in there today, it has a whole lot of different areas of history.  Worth a look if you’re keen on finding out why we do some of the things we do today.  I’ve always enjoyed looking at historical information, so much of what we do today arose out of conflicting with historical legacies, or out of the knowledge accumulated from our past.  It’s good to recognise that, for example, pain management is relatively new.  The gate control theory which has almost become old hat was only introduced in 1965…

Now this page has a whole lot of links to chemistry oddities…Among them how to create fireworks from grapes and a microwave.  Want to create a love potion? Turn lead into gold?  Head here… to look at Alchemy.

Bioephemera is a blog about art + biology – anything and everything from representations of science in art and literature to the neuroscience of aesthetics.  I loved the graphic which I unashamedly snaffled to brighten up this post.  Do head over there to see it in situ.

Have a great week while I’m enjoying the great outdoors in Kaikoura!

Yes, it DOES say ‘Australian’ above those two blokes in skirts.  I personally think they need hats and more hair to fairly represent the Ozzie male, but who am I to argue?


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