…a musical interlude

It’s Friday! Another week goes by, and I’m out scouting the internet for health-related trivia for your pre-weekend viewing pleasure.

I came across this video a couple of days ago – and I’m so sorry for my colleagues who can’t get YouTube at work, you simply MUST see this clip, especially if you’re an anaesthetist!  Have you ever wondered what they do during those three hour operations?  Wonder no more (and believe me, this song will forever be warped in your mind!)

sigh… makes you want to hug ’em, doesn’t it?

and given they’re on a roll, watch out orthopods, they’ve gotcha!

Now for those who work in a place with a retentive IT department who think TradeMe and YouTube and MySpace and FaceBook are ‘criminal and undesirable’ – sorry about the above, you’ll just have to wait until you’re at home to see them – believe me it’s worth it!

fail owned pwned pictures
. .

Now, take your inspiration for the weekend from someone that everyone knows was a genius – and have fun!

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