Migraine information site

I came across this site today as I was looking for some visuals on migraine.  It’s a site run by the Migraine Aura Foundation, and contains some incredible imagery, as well as some very technical and scientific information on the neurology of migraine.  One of the ones I really liked was a simulation showing a traveling wave in gyrate cortex and the corresponding visual field defect. 

Look at it on the website for more information and background on it.  And if you head into the section ‘Migraine Aura’ you’ll see an incredible simulation of the visual aura some people get prior to a migraine.  It’s a wee bit migraine-inducing actually, but soooo like mine (except mine’s not colourful, more like blank areas). That section also has a great series of video posts depicting aura of different types.

This website is well worth a look, but be a little wary if you’re feeling like you could be getting a migraine, it’s bound to have some triggers!


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