A couple of interesting sites to drop into over the weekend – I took a look at PsyBlog and what a wonderful video I found there! This one is about the Psychology of Magic – three critical techniques that good magicians use to trick the audience.  Makes me wonder whether people that believe in psychics should read it and be just a teeny bit more critical of their performances…

Ever wondered what type of person bothers to write a blog?

Well, wait no longer – there’s an answer for you!  Clinical Cases and Images posts about Who Blogs – Personality Characteristics.  What did they decide? ‘According to the … studies … people who are high in openness to new experience (both men and women) and high in neuroticism (women) are likely to be bloggers.  Women who are high in neuroticism are more likely to be bloggers as compared to those low in neuroticism. There was no such difference for men.’

Hmmm, not so sure about the neuroticism (Who me? Neurotic? No way!!) – I wonder if anyone has evern checked out the characteristics of people who READ blogs?!!  And of course I wonder whether there’s a difference between this type of blog, and the blog of those who write about everyday life?

Now, settle down for a bit of news about pseques.  (Written like that to avoid the net detector treating this blog as something to block!).  Great post from one of my favourite sites, MindHacks – which was itself blocked at my workplace the other day for ‘criminal and undesireable’ information!  It’s about the medicalisation of normal human sexuality – some great information on how certain normal variances in human behaviour are pathologised by stretching the diagnostic criteria for one disorder to include behaviours in an entirely different area – and not always sensibly either!

Finally today, some people get just a wee bit titchy on Monday mornings, while others are bright and breezy.  This post from Positive Psychology News Daily talks about team energy – and suggests that emotions are contagious, especially if you’re the boss.  Well, I’m not the boss, but I can tell you this: NEVER get between me and my coffee cup!


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