Return to work resources

Two great resources to click through to on return to work topics. Not just for people with chronic pain, but more general.

The first is new, and has a wealth of resources for health providers, employers, return to work rehabilitation professionals. This is RTWMatters which is written by a group of professionals with years of experience helping people to return to work … Publisher – Robert Hughes (no, not that one), 40 years in publishing and network development; Editor – Dr Mary Wyatt, 10 years an Occupational Physician; and General Manager – Cheryl Griffiths 12 years in administration and marketing.

As their introduction says ‘Creating a network for return to work professionals, a site that contains the best research, and the best tools and resources from around the world, while also providing access to advisory services and other members makes sense to me.’

There are heaps of pages covering topics like Research, General topics, a Handbook for RTW professionals, and a great area listing events and conferences in the Australasian area.

You do have to register (it’s free at the moment) to access much of the content – but I think from what I can see already, that it’s going to be both a repository for loads of information, but also a place for interaction between the various groups involved in return to work.

Resworks is the other site I want to introduce you to. It’s not new, and from what I understand, is no longer being added to – but it contains a LOT of material that is both relevant and authoritative. One page I particularly liked was the Australian and International Research link, and their large list of relevant journals.

Take a look around both these sites for good quality information that is relevant not just to Australia and New Zealand, but probably anywhere in the world. And it’s not just for health professionals, but also for employers and others who are interested in helping people return to the place they spend so much of their time.


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