BIG list of pain-related websites

Pain Treatment Topics is a big site full of wonderful resources.  They’ve just reviewed a whole range of sites on the web and listed those that meet their criteria.  To quote:

Pain Treatment Topics evaluated the Internet sites below as being essentially non-commercial and serving the information and education needs of the pain management community. Websites do not qualify for linking if they have a primary purpose of selling specific products or services, offer opinions or viewpoints that are not scientifically substantiated, present information in a way that might be confusing or misleading to our audience, and/or have primarily a political agenda.

This is a VAST list of sites – if you can’t find something of interest in here, I’d be very surprised!

They don’t include me 😦 – but I’m only a little fella in the Big Big world of pain information.  The only comment I’d make is that there are an awful lot of medically-oriented sites, and a LOT fewer psychosocial or management sites.  That’s a shame, since there are so many people who don’t find pain reduction ‘solves the problem’ and there are a lot of health professionals who would like to find out how to help them.

If you have enjoyed browsing my site, and want to subscribe – click on the RSS feedlink above.  Or if you prefer to actually visit the site, just bookmark and come on back!  Comments are always welcome (even if you disagree!), and if you want to see more information about a certain topic, do let me know.

Spread the word too, if you enjoy the site – the more people visiting, the happier I feel!  Currently I have around 170 hits a day, and growing, so I’m happy, but it would be cool to reach the giddy heights of someone like Dr Deb or Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science site (I”m dreaming, all right?!).



  1. For what it’s worth, I think you’ve done a fantastic job with this site. I’m amazed you haven’t made it onto the list because the perspective you provide is really important.

  2. Bless you cb!! Thanks for your encouragement (to anyone else, I can send you chocolate if that would help?!!)
    I enjoy it too, which is important, and I’m glad you do too

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