Age can be a thief

Although I talk of my peace and contentment with my age (I think I’ve become so much more comfortable with myself as I get older), there is no doubt that being very old and having memory loss is a real tragedy.

I was wandering through the internet, winding down after gardening most of today, when I came across one of the most touching sites I have ever seen…
Phillip Toledano is a photographer – and a son. This site is called Days with My Father and is a tender, touching account of his time with his aging and forgetful father in the days after his mother died. Sadly, Phillip’s father can’t remember that his wife has died, and Phillip pretends that she has gone to Paris…
With the poignancy of a son who is incredibly close to his father – but has a photographer’s eye and a poet’s words, this site is one to take some time over. Plan on spending a good 20 minutes or more as you view the stunning photographs and read the words as Phillip describes his father in what I can only describe as a gem in the many horrible sites you can view on the internet.


  1. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?! And shows how much love and tenderness there can be mixed up with all the frustration of caring for someone who is gradually losing mental faculties. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great pictures and great script. Certainly a lesson about love, caring, acceptance and making the best …..a mixture of laughter and tears.
    Well found

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