Feel like wasting a little time in the name of research?

Did I say wasting? should be spending or investing some time in research – but who am I kidding?
I came across this website last night, after I’d been out dancing for a couple of hours and needed to wind down… Anyway, it’s a legitimate research site from Aberdeen University, looking into a bunch of topics, but the one that was fun for me (sad creature that I am) is all about faces.

If you go to this page you can spend ages ‘creating’ an average face from the many that are already loaded onto the page – and see how the ‘average’ face always looks more ‘beautiful’ than the individual ones. There is a link to information on facial symmetry, attractiveness, and integrating social cues when judging attractiveness.

You can also ‘make a baby’ from a shot of ma and a shot of pa – creating a ‘morph’ of the two!!

And if you’re smart, you can do this at work – and say that you’re actually contributing to serious research. So what are you waiting for?


  1. To long – couldn’t get over how no matter what faces I chose they came out looking somewhat similar. Couldn’t help thinking the world is more interesting with diversity and difference than a bland ‘normal’

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