Psychology of pain…

A couple of links to some interesting reads…. One of them I picked up from Psychology of pain, written by  which a link to this RSS feed… If you’re not certain about RSS feeds, don’t panic! Most of our browsers (Firefox or Internet Explorer, for example) have the ability to add in a gadget to the toolbar (menu bar at the top of the browser) which means you simply click and a list of headlines appears below.  You can always go to Google to find out more, but it’s pretty easy.  I just did that, and found this link to PRESSfeed, which gives you a nice easy overview, and a ‘how to’.

Anyway, this particular RSS feed is based in ‘HubMed’ which I hadn’t heard of, but today when I clicked on the link, listed a good bunch of posts all from journals on topics about psychology and pain.  Worth linking to if you’re not currently subscribed to any Table of Contents links like Amedeo.  If you haven’t looked at Amedeo before, you simply subscribe, identify the topics you’re interested in, and each week, or more often, you’ll get an email listing the most recent articles in a range of listed journals.

This is another RSS feed I found on Psychology of Pain site, again it covers a range of articles, this time from the PubMed database.  Yesterday’s listings included a study on sleep, and a study on the Dimensions of Pain Quality…

PsychBlog is an interesting psychology blog – it’s readable, been running for a while now so not likely to disappear unexpectedly, and it has some great links.  This post is about a study I posted on a while back, but perhaps a bit more thoughtfully than I did – so worth a look.  And while you’re there, take a look at the wealth of other information that’s on that blog.  Fantastic!  BTW – this area is his ‘Resource’ area, take a look NOW, or you’ll be missing out on a lot of info!

‘Nuff from me for now – have a browse, and think about subscribing to one of those feeds.  Oh and if you’re wandering through the internet and find some cool stuff – give me a quick email and I’ll post them on here to share!  And that would be one way I could find out if there is anyone else out there…. *echo**echo**echo**echo*


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