Useful resources: handouts on basic coping skills

Trawling through the interweb can be enlightening sometimes. What’s exciting is to see the range of resources government agencies provide. I’ve just spotted these from the Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) from the Department of Health, Australia.

This list of fun activities in pdf includes some social ones as well as solitary ones, and many of them are low-cost and low in organisation. Great for people who are feeling a bit low and can’t get themselves together enough to do anything particularly complex.

And this one on assertive communication pairs quite nicely with this one on anger coping strategies to provide people who are struggling with frustration and irritability with some specific skills to let off steam.

I like the list of specific information on topics like this one on stress and this excellent one on sleep hygiene.

In addition to these, they have several manuals for health professionals working in mental health – none for general health, unfortunately. One day health will be considered as one single entity rather than divided into ‘mental’ and ‘physical’!!


  1. I have a mentor program called “Project Self-Help Community Outreach Educational / {Prison Program”.

    My Objective is to reach the “At Risk Youth” who are having problems coping w/ day-to-day realities. Some are hard
    to reach i.e. due to their home life, lack of parental interest, I need help w/ life coping skills materials to help me in the classroom. Please e-mail ASAP.

    Thank You


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