World Bellydance Day!

If you have ever recommended ‘core stability’ for back pain, here’s a way to really work on it while having loads of fun!
OK, while core stability HASN’T proven to be the ‘cure’ for back pain, belly dance is still a great way to have fun and work the core muscles…

It’s for men and women, although more women than men dance (but that’s probably true of most dance forms!), the music is very catchy and has great rhythm, and it’s pretty low impact while toning and improving posture, body awareness and adding to your 30 minutes a day exercise routine. Oh and it doesn’t take up much room to practice, in fact you need no equipment at all! (apart from some music)

If you want to learn more, take a look at Kashmir’s site , she’s based in Christchurch and is my teacher.
Or if you’re looking for information on World Bellydance Day – go here
For information on styles (OK it refers to the US, but in NZ we probably have the same range) go to Shira’s website
And for some great video’s, YouTube has plenty, but to find them can be a leeeetle bit difficult, so take a look at Oriental Dancer’s video section.
And for a taste of what real dancing can look like? Take a look below…

Orit Maftsir is a dancer originally from Israel, but dancing all around the world – and she’s been to NZ, and danced for us! I wish I’d seen her live, she really enjoys her dance and represents to me what dancing is all about.


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