Mind, body and pain

For lots of therapists, the connection between mind and body is so clear that we forget many people just have no concept of how the two might be connected. So often in the web there are wild statements about pain that it’s tempting to think that no-one’s prepared to get it right or to spend some time (and web pages) discussing it…

So when I found The Psychology of Back Pain by Jonah Lehrer (with some stunning photography by Craig Cutler) I knew I had to link to it here!
Although many of us know this material through and through, it’s great to find someone who writes well and puts the pieces together for nonclinicians…
Jonah also writes this piece about MRI’s, Back Pain and Transparency – linking in to a couple of other people writing also about MRI’s and the myth that MRI can ‘show everything’. Take a look, enjoy – as a clinician, it’s always great to see someone in the media putting what I talk about ‘out there’ to people in the community!


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