Anatomy and physiology refresher – or patient information

If you have forgotten (or never really knew) all your muscle origins, insertions, innervations and actions – here is a fantastic animated site that can bring it all back in glorious colour and animations!!
Get Body Smart has interactive tutorials, animations, quizzes, and lots of fun for anyone who is interested in really know what each muscle does.

Recommended for peripheral and extremities rather than neck/spine (those haven’t been developed yet), it really is a fun way to show a patient how and why they are using different muscles, or why you’ve got them doing some exercises. A bit of understanding is a good thing – and it’s amazing how little people know about their own bodies.

The site has loads of information not just about muscles, but also about the Respiratory System, Muscle Tissue Physiology, the Nervous System etc.
It’s not an incredibly detailed or elaborate review, so it’s just great for people who want an overview, refresher or as I said, for patient education.
I also liked their links here that include both freely accessible sites, and those that require login.

Let me know what you think!

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