A round-up of blogs to keep you busy

If you’re an occasional visitor to my blog, you may find plenty here already to keep you busy while I pop on over to Brisbane for the weekend to attend the PainLang forum to hear Harold Merskey and others talk about
“• an overview of the current state of play in research on pain language
• to investigate specific topics in pain language, especially in relation to the McGill Pain Questionnaire
• to explore current studies at the cutting edge of pain language research
• to explore social suffering associated with chronic pain, especially in the relation between the language of pain and other pain indicators and symptoms”

When I get back I’ll be posting on what I learn, but until then…

Try this post on Psychology of Pain talking about factors that may influence placebo…

or this one on the neuromatrix, at the same blog.

Dr Deb’s blog has some great things on it, so for some light relief head on over to this post not just for cat lovers, but anyone with a funny bone!

And the American Psychological Society has heaps of great resources, if you haven’t been in there for a while.

Oxford University Press Psychology Blog is worth cruising through too, because of the variety and depth of coverage.

And two blogs I go back to frequently are BadScience and Mindhacks.

If you’re out there surfin’ away and come across something cool or groovy, just drop me a line and let me know – I’ll head on over and include it in my blog and let others know too. That way we all learn!!
Have a great weekend and I’ll be back with a vengeance on Monday!


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