Announcing! The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)

I just got this through the email today, from Positive Psychology!

We are delighted to announce the founding of a new organization: The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). The purpose of this organization is to promote the science and practice of positive psychology and to facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers and practitioners around the world who are interested in this new field.

This is a brand new organization, and we would like to extend a cordial invitation to you to be among the very first to join. We have been hard at work developing the infrastructure for what will without question be a major international organization. Here are some highlights we wanted to share with you:

-We have set up a website where you can find out more about IPPA and where you can join today. Please visit to sign up as a Charter Member, Charter Associate, or Charter Affiliate.

-IPPA is run by a Board of Directors comprised of leading positive psychologists from around the world. Visit the website for a full list of the members of the Board, which includes such founding figures as Martin E. P. Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

-On the website, you will see the categories of membership developed by the IPPA Board of Directors. We’re excited that there is a category available for everyone, whether you are a researcher, a practitioner, a student, or someone who just wants to keep abreast of the latest developments in positive psychology.

-You will also see the various membership benefits, including journals, an IPPA Newsletter, and quarterly conference calls with leading figures in positive psychology.

-The First World Congress of Positive Psychology has been scheduled for June 18-21, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. IPPA members will receive a discount on their Congress registration.

-In the coming days, we will be adding more content to the website, so be sure to check back often.

If you have any questions about IPPA or your membership, please send them to

Please help us spread the word about IPPA by forwarding this email to any groups or individuals you think might have an interest in joining this exciting new association.

We look forward to having you join IPPA and to welcoming you into this global positive psychology community.

Very best wishes,

Ed Diener, President
International Positive Psychology Association

James Pawelski, Executive Director
International Positive Psychology Association

This message was sent from Authentic Happiness. It was sent from: James Pawelski, 3701 Market St, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19104. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below.



  1. Positive psych is such a great addition to the research knowledge. It’s funny how most research is about how to solve problems, while here is something looking at what’s working already!!

  2. it sure feels good that the present effort (IPPA) is giving psychology a more positive conotation. Generally the whole outlook is to overcome the disabilities, here it is to discover and facilitate well being. The aim may be to some extent same only the approach is more positive. Common mans perseptions of psychology will undergo a perceptual overhaul.

  3. Thanks for commenting! Yes, positive psychology has introduced something that has been missing in the scientific community – a sense of optimism, future and that things can be better. A good thing!

  4. Hello – I am working on a project for graduate school about how positive psychology can be implemented in groups or teams. Does anyone have any information on this topic?

    Thank you!

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