A great resource!

After yesterday’s great video (found on YouTube), I spent a little time time skimming through the titles held here at University of California Television. If you click the link you’ll be taken to a list of the titles I found under the keyword ‘Pain’. What an incredible resource!
Some of these are free, while others cost – but all are dated (which is useful), and the presenters are well-qualified and usually entertaining to boot!

I wandered through the series “Health and Medicine Featured in:Osher Lifelong Learning Presents” and found a great series called ‘Brain, Mind and Behaviour’ which covers a range of topics from depression to living post-stroke to epilepsy… And these are available online!

Podcasts are available as well – for those of you who haven’t looked at these, you can subscribe to them via iTunes, or if you have an alternative podcasting software you can paste the URL into it and away you go!

Now some of the videos are a little dated – the one on Chronic Pain Management in the Osher Lifelong Learning Presents dates from 1998 – but hey, most of them are from the last two years, and if you’re a TV viewer in New Zealand, that means this stuff is waaaay newer than what you’ll see broadcast on TV here!!
Let me know what you think – if you find one or more of these videos useful or perhaps they raise your hackles – let me know via comments, and we can dialogue.

One again, remember that if you enjoy this blog, you can subscribe via RSS above, or you can simply bookmark and visit. And do let me know what topics interest you, what stimulates you and what you simply can’t agree with!

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