The future of psychological management of chronic pain

One of my guru’s in chronic pain is Dr Lance McCracken from University of Bath.

I found this great powerpoint presentation, with his voiceover today, on the future of psychology in chronic pain. A great lecture that is well worth saving some time and listening to. Grab a couple of colleagues, a bottle of wine or a coffee, and spend an hour listening to his talk while following the slides. You can’t download it, but you can bookmark it and return to it when you want.

I have the books he refers to DAHL, J., & LUNDGREN, T. (2006). Living beyond your pain using acceptance and commitment therapy to ease chronic pain. Oakland, CA, New Harbinger Publications., and MCCRACKEN, L. M. (2005). Contextual cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic pain. Progress in pain research and management, v. 33. Seattle, IASP Press.. Both of them are easy to read, have some depth, and help with that important process of coming to terms with accepting rather than judging the pain experience.

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