Shouldering on…

When did you last review your shoulder anatomy?

While looking for some information for a presentation I’m doing shortly on shoulder pain, I stumbled across this site – a real wealth of illustrated information on shoulder anatomy, pathology and therapy. It even includes a GREAT description of occupational therapy in shoulder rehabilitation! Now that’s unusual. Most of the time you will read about surgery, physiotherapy, exercises and ‘conservative management’ of the shoulder – but if you’ve ever tried to help someone with shoulder pain return to work, you’ll know that it’s incredibly difficult to find ways to do most activities involving the hand without moving the shoulder. And that’s just the kind of problem that occupational therapists seek to remedy.

Anyway, the site also includes copies of three whole textbooks – and a wealth of illustrations of the shoulder that are just great for patient education (and therapist revision!!). And there are regular news updates on shoulder problems that should keep you informed and interested.

Go on, take a look! You’ll enjoy it.

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