Cognitive behaviour management resources

One website I keep returning to is this Cognitive behavior management reference holds a wealth of resources that are mainly in the public domain (provided they are attributed appropriately).
There are three main areas covered on the site:
* Cognitive Rehabilitation: This has two components, cognitive restructuring and cognitive error correction. The first deals with a much deeper structure of thought.
* Social Skill Building: The process of teaching both social [interpersonal] and thinking skills to improve perfromance.
* Culture Restructuring: The process of seeding the culture with memes [sounds like genes], artefacts, icons, and rituals of prosocial competence.

The main focus of the site is on children – but children and adults can both apply the same cognitive and behavioural principles!

It’s often difficult to find resources that are easily printed (I’m guilty of not doing this here – I haven’t learned how yet!), but this site holds a huge number of well-written ‘instructional techniques’ that are in pdf format and can be saved and printed.
Some good examples are:
Changing distressing thoughts
Testing core beliefs
Covert modelling
The mirror model

One area I spend time in is Theory in which there are 10 – 15 papers written on areas such as Consciousness, Belief Systems, Language and Thinking, and others.

As with any web-based site, view the material with a critical eye, and use with discretion. At the very least, it provides you with a model for how this type of material can be written as a relatively simple procedure, and at its best, there are some resources that can be applied right away.

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