Brain Maps!

Do you know your neuro-anatomy?


This site shows me just how lucky we are with the internet as a resource for seeing things that we couldn’t have dreamed about just five or so years ago. Head to Brain Maps for a look at detailed cross-sections and other images of the brains of homo-sapiens, rattus norvegicus, felis catus and more!!

And just when you thought that was enough, this site has even more resources for you to polish up your neurological knowledge.

Why would you want to learn all this? Well in the field of pain, we are essentially dealing with neuroanatomy in some form or another – and heaven knows I am no reductionist, but there is so much that our nervous system does that we don’t yet know about that I think if we’re working with people experiencing pain, then we really have to continually update our knowledge in order to integrate the findings from both gross anatomy and physiology and neuroanatomy and physiology. Oh, and don’t forget about psychology – and if you’ve a moment, and want to see what you can remember about methods? Go here and take this brief test. If you’re going to work in health, you’d better know about scientific method!

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